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Dugi Rat

Dugi Rat

Dugi Rat is little town situated by the very seaside, along the Adriatic highway, and stretches from the village of Podstrana to the town of Omis. At its northern side it is surrounded by Mt Mosnjica, and on its southern side, by the sea of the Brac channel.

This entire area thus lies by the very seafront covering a surface of approximately 12 km. If considered from the east, this region covers the following villages: Duce, Dugi Rat, Orij, Mali Rat, Sumpetar, Suhi Potok, Krilo and Bajnice. In the foot of mt.Mosnjica are old villages such as: Duce(old village), Krug, Zeljovici and Jesenice.

The Dugi Rat county has an ideal setting along the seaside, as it is situated between two urban centres: Omiš, a smaller town and Split a larger city, of ancient history and numerous cultural and historic treasures. The municipality of Dugi Rat is an ideal link between them, creating a series of villages as part of a continuous chain of houses and villages. Mountains of pine woods that reach the very beaches make this region particularly attractive.

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